Why do we need more transparency in Ecology and Evolution?

There are multiple lines of evidence suggesting that transparency is often insufficient in ecology and evolution. Much of this evidence was outlined in a review in 2016. For other citations, see our Links & References page.

In short:

  • Archiving of data remains uncommon when not required, and is often poorly done when it is required.
  • Archiving of analysis code is rare.
  • Basic statistical information (such as sample size or estimates of variation) is often missing from published papers.
  • There is strong indication that, at least in some disciplines, published results are a biased subset of all analyses.
  • Replication of earlier work is rare, and so hypotheses with poor explanatory value are not discarded as readily as we might expect.
  • Many ecologists and evolutionary biologists acknowledge using practices known to bias the distribution of effects published in the scientific literature